Discrimination and Harassment Office

The Discrimination and Harassment Office (DISCHO) at UCT is there to assist the UCT community in matters of discrimination, sexual harassment, harassment, domestic violence, and rape. At DISCHO we have a group of supportive people who can help you with your complaint, namely Student Support Officers (SSOs), Sexual Harassment Advisors (SHAs), Anti-Discrimination Advisors (ADAs) and mediators.


  • Office of first report of harassment / discrimination
  • Investigation procedures on alleged transgressions
  • Awareness campaigns on issues of harassment and discrimination
  • Assisting with UCT policy formulation
  • Legal advice and court preparation for gender violence victims (staff and students), with particular expertise in Protection Orders
  • Trial assistance and disciplinary hearing preparation programmes
  • Workshops and discussion on a variety of issues, including masculinity, race and gender

Also offered

  • Investigations of complaints that include sexual harassment, racial discrimination and intimidation
  • Networking with relevant stakeholders and role players
  • Setting up electronic databases and communication systems
  • Presentations around available services
  • Advise and assistance to staff and students on a variety of legal issues
  • Mediation

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