10 things to do during your first week

29 Nov 2016 - 13:30


1. Double check your registration details on PeopleSoft - make sure you are registered for the right degree and courses! Any errors will require you to print out an unofficial transcript and a change of curriculum form, and a visit to one of our student advisors in your faculty - you can usually find their details at the faculty office. Access details on change of curriculum here and the Student Self Service or PeopleSoft here

2. Need help getting around? Remember that you can find info on the Jammie Shuttle here

3. If you need help using Vula you can find some useful guides by visiting the LearnOnline page on the Vula menu here

4. If you're feeling sick or need to chat to someone about feeling anxious, worried, or missing home find information on student wellness here

5. Remember to check your UCT email every day. Your lecturers and the University will use this address to send you important updates. Find more details on your UCT email here 

6. Buy a diary or use your phone and start inserting important dates, like deadlines for tests and essays.

7. For academic issues, don't hesitate to make contact with your lecturer, course convenor, or tutor. An email is often the best way to start, but also check their consultation times in your course outlines or on the course Vula site

8. Sign up for a mentor in your faculty or residence. These senior students have been through their first year and can help. 

9. Make all your lectures, even those at 8am. 

10. If you forget any of the information on the support UCT offers, don't panic, find the Student Support Services guide here