First Year Timeline

2 Feb 2017 - 09:45

Dear students

We hope things are going well.Much has been written about the transition to university, and some of the changes it involves. Articles like this one list new ways of learning and teaching, an increased workload, more freedom, and stricter deadlines as some of the key differences. As you negotiate the transition, remember that there are a variety of places where you can get the help you need, but you need to ask! Don’t forget that there are probably some essential skills you bring with you – discipline, goal-setting, planning, and your own experiences. Use them to succeed.

It helps to know what this year entails, getting a sense of what you have to do when. That’s why we’ve developed this timeline to give you an overview of your year ahead. Download the timeline and tailor it to suit your specific deadlines. Your faculties and departments may have their own deadlines, different to those we’ve listed. It’s important to look out for information on what these deadlines are. However the timeline should give you a broad view of your year. Don’t forget to refer to the timeline in addition to the outlines you’ve received for your different courses, and keep checking this site for updates.

Download the timeline here

Good luck!