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Student Representatives

Faculty Student Councils

Your Faculty Student Council consists of students who are elected to represent the interests of all students in your Faculty. The Council is your voice in the Faculty. They aim to resolve any concerns you may have by taking them to higher levels of authority. The Council also manages the class representative system. Each of your courses should have a class rep, a student in your class who you can speak to if you have concerns about your course.


Students’ Representative Council (SRC)

UCT students elect the Students’ Representative Council on an annual basis by voting in the SRC elections.The SRC is responsible for representing all UCT students. The Council consists of 15 members, all students. They are there to address any problems you may have during your time at UCT. You can contact them through your class representatives or your Faculty Council. You should feel free to pop into the SRC offices at any time during the week to chat about the problems you may have, or to find out how you can help with some of the special projects the SRC will be running.

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